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Author D. T. Vaughn specializes in books created for middle-grade readers. Whether you're looking for something epic or an engaging read for a reluctant reader, we may have the perfect match.

The Midnight Glass 2022 Kindle Cover.png

The Midnight Glass Trilogy

Fantasy | Ages 9 and up

The award-winning fantasy trilogy by author D. T. Vaughn. Follow Wyatt Dumont and his friends in this exciting, magic-filled series. The Midnight Glass and its sequel, The Werewolf of Davenport, are now available. The concluding book is out later this year.

My Epic Zombie Adventure

Humor | Ages 8-12

I’m Orion Baxter and all of the adults in my town have turned into ugly, stinky zombies! Now I live in a treehouse (where the zombies can’t reach) with my best friend, Jack. To make things worse, we’re running out of food and the smoggy weather is making the zombies act all crazy. Now it’s up to Jack and me to save the other kids— before we change into zombies, too!

My Epic Zombie Adventure Kindle Cover.jpg
Video Game Takeover.png

Video Game Takeover Series

Humor | Ages 8-12

I’m Caleb Roberts and a video game is taking over my town! Sounds cool? Well, it’s not! There’s an ugly, laser-shooting troll after me and a mall crawling with annoying cyborg teenagers! How did this happen? Well, that’s the mystery I’m trying to solve with my best friend, Farting Freddy (yep, that’s what I call him). We’re the underdogs of our middle school, but as danger takes over our town, we might just end up as heroes.

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